do·nu·teur (n)

· An expert on all things donuts [alt. doughnuts]. 

As anyone that knows me can attest: I. Love. Donuts. Not the “Yea, they are good” or “I like Dunkin’ Donuts” type, but actively searching and deliberately pursuing the best donuts I can find. Not just any donuts either, vegan donuts.

What is a vegan donut you may ask? These are specially crafted pastries that may appear to be a normal donut but have substituted all the animal products for plant-based alternatives without compromising any of the deliciousness.

Why vegan donuts, specifically? Well, I have been vegetarian for about 10 years, dairy-free for 2, and vegan for only 1. Many of us have restrictions, allergies, or preferences and just because we don’t partake in the average American diet, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some sweet indulgences.  In 2018, the market is opening up to some exciting alternatives from dietary restrictions and I am out to find them.

Do you know of or have fallen in love with a special donut shop?

LET ME KNOW! I would love to try them out!

Join me on my journey to find vegan, allergy-friendly, and generally just some delicious donuts.

Follow me on Instagram! @the.donuteur

Based currently in Salem, Massachusetts but will travel for treats.



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